DARK Xpander

Dark Xpander raises Dark controller to club height standards

available now

The Story behind Dark Xpander

The whole idea started with a request of one of our user:

A DJ ordered 2 Dark Wheel to complement his club setup (A&H mixer and rotary mixer, 2 TT 1200’s). Later we got a similar requests from other Resident DJ’s (using Model1 and Pioneer DJM-900 mixer). They wanted to place 2 Dark Fader left and right of their mixer. They all love the metal quality and the nice worflow using Dark Controller pairs, but the low height of Dark Controller raised a problem for them in clubs (in design and usability).

They asked for a solution, we thought together about any cradles, discussed brackets, holder or solid bags (similar competitor do often), but we felt that all ideas would not complement in a professional matter. We wished a maximum in stability for club performances, we decided for a Dark mounted metal solution.

Dark Xpander idea was born: Adding a sandwich mounted original chassis with 2 double size panels at the bottom of the controller. Rock solid mounted with original screws. This solution feels the most flexible, reliable and even beautiful height extension for us.

The feedback we got from our user (original statement): “Many thanks for accommodating my request, that’s above and beyond what I thought was possible… I love it!“

That’s the whole story behind. So we decided to offer Dark Xpander as kit to any interested user, also offering as option for further controller build requests.

If you are interested in any standard sized Dark Controller (Dark Fader/Wheel/Fire) let us know if you want get built your controller in single or double (Xpanded) height.

Projected Retail Price (this may change in future)

We produced a first batch of Xpander from our CNC manufactory, meanwhile having on stock, can be shipped (or mounted by us) now.

We offer Dark Xpander as kit for 59 €, the mounting by user is quite easy: remove the front and back panel with 4 screws and replace the single sized panels with the Xpander (using same screws).

Xpander is also an add-on option to new ordered controller, mounted from us for 49 €.

We hope you like the idea, for us it feels amazing having our Dark Controller rock solid in double height and 200 gr more weight ; ).

Enjoy the first pictures, and let us know what you think about.

Technical Specifications


  • Full metal chassis, solid rubber feed mounted
  • Compatible to standard sized Dark controller (Dark Fader/TT, Dark Wheel, Dark Fire)
  • CNC made double size panels (front and back panel), brushed black anodized 3mm aluminium (full black, anodized after milling), hand polished edges in aluminium native color 
  • Weight (case and 2 panels): 210 grams

Height extension

All sizes below in mm, first value is distance from desk to controller panel surface, 2nd value (in brackets) from desk to highest control element (pitch fader knob / encoder knob):

  • Dark Fader (TT) height extension: form 38(48) mm to -> 74(84) mm
  • Dark Wheel height extension: form 38(52) mm to -> 74(88) mm  
  • Dark Fire height extension: form 38(52) mm to -> 74(88) mm